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Wednesday – Monday

10:00AM to 6:00PM

Closed on Tuesdays


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The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum welcomes you to enter into a rare world of turtles and tortoises.

Sense the mystery of the jungle river, the awesome power of the Alligator turtle and the majestic beauty of the Radiated tortoise. Learn the difference between the graceful, speedy Mata-mata and the muscular 60-year-old Asian Turtle of fortune; stare into the fire-red eye of the Elongata Tortoise when they mate. See and feel the spirit of the Sulcata Tortoise for luck, and the Thailand’s Golden Temple Turtle for wealth. Be fascinated by the secretive Pancake Tortoise, Golden Terrapin and the Six Legged Tortoise. Listen to the lonely noise of the Indian Star Tortoise and marvel at the strange looking Soft Shell Turtle from India.

Be entertained by the funny antics of Terrapin and Soft Shells roaming freely through the park. You can also pet and hand feed some of them. Watch these reptiles mate and if you are in luck, witness eggs hatching. Various fishes, Soft Shell and Yellow Box Turtle inhabit our large ponds.

More than just a collection of reptiles – a true learning experience for all.