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Unsure of where to bring your kids to play during the weekends? Forget about the air-conditioned places like shopping malls or movie theaters! Bring them outdoors into the sun and fun to experience the popular old-school activity – Longkang Fishing @ ORTO.

Longkang Fishing had been a popular hobby among the children living in the 60s. Back then, children would visit these “Longkangs” (Drain in Malay) or natural streams after and during the rain to catch small fishes, usually with glass/plastic containers or bottles. Let your child re-live this experience again! For only $14.00, each child would be given a plastic tank and a fishing net (returnable).

We use non-slip concrete flooring for our finishes and the pond is specially gradient from depths of 10cm to 30cm, catering to kids of different height and age.

Come on down and splash your time away!

Longkang Fishing

  • Per Kid (Unlimited Duration)