RedDot BrewHouse

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Sunday – Wednesday:

11:30AM to 11.00PM

Thursday – Saturday:

11:30AM to 1.00AM

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RedDot BrewHouse is a beacon of craft beer in Singapore, renowned for its distinctive brews that blend tradition and innovation. Established in 2007, this microbrewery has firmly established its foothold in Singapore’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

The ambiance of RedDot BrewHouse at West Coast is a harmonious blend of rustic and modern, with its stylish interior design complemented by the tropical scenery of ORTO West Coast. The spacious outdoor seating area is a haven for beer enthusiasts, offering a fantastic view and a perfect spot to enjoy Singapore’s balmy evenings.

What sets RedDot BrewHouse apart is the variety and quality of its craft beers, all brewed locally. Each brew is meticulously crafted, using only the freshest ingredients and traditional brewing methods. From the light and crisp Czech Pilsner to the complex and full-bodied Indian Pale Ale, there’s a beer to suit every palate. The brewery’s signature Monster Green Lager, dyed naturally green with spirulina, is a must-try for its unique taste and vibrant appearance.

The food menu complements the beer selection, featuring a variety of Western and Asian dishes that pair beautifully with the beers. The Okonomiyaki Seafood Pizza, a fusion dish that represents Singapore’s multicultural culinary scene, is a crowd favourite.

RedDot BrewHouse West Coast isn’t just about beer and food, though – it’s about community. With regular events, including live music and beer tasting sessions, it fosters a sense of camaraderie among beer lovers. Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado or a casual drinker, RedDot BrewHouse West Coast is a place where you can savour quality brews, good food, and great company.