Inmers Escape Room

Unit Number:

27W Coast Hwy,#02-10, ORTO Mall,117867

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11am – 9pm


(+65) 91328088

Website & Socials:

The howling permeates through the eerie surroundings, the dim lights of the dark corridor flicker and flash. It’s an experimental game that intertwines the senses of “sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch” to reconstruct a new reality. Join us in Singapore’s biggest escape room at INMERS

Abandoning all elements of puzzle-solving, audaciously creating novel sensations, utilizing cutting-edge binaural audio technology for immersive 3D soundscapes, and crafting a cinematic visual and auditory feast, this experience takes you into the immersive world of a TV show. Experience a highly immersive and puzzle-free gaming mode, immersing yourself in a completely new sensory experience.

Home to the viral Floor is Lava, INMERS welcome you. Green is your only safe zone. Your mission now is to eliminate the blue blocks. Whatever you do, avoid stepping on the red blocks – they are treacherous lava. If you touch them, your life will diminish. The game will become progressively more challenging. Bring your friends along and let’s see which team in Singapore is the most agile.