About ORTO

ORTO is a vibrant and dynamic recreational hub located in the western coast of Singapore. Spanning over 7,000 square meters, this unique destination offers an array of exciting activities and facilities for individuals and families to enjoy.

One of the main highlights of ORTO West Coast is its captivating live entertainment setting. Situated opposite Haw Par Villa, visitors can revel in the picturesque views while indulging in various recreational activities. Whether it’s dining, catching your own seafood, watching live band performances or catching live mermaids show, there’s something for everyone to experience the thrill of being out at ORTO.

ORTO West Coast boasts a diverse range of dining options. From casual eateries to trendy cafes and restaurants, visitors can satisfy their appetites with a wide selection of local and international cuisines. Whether it’s enjoying a sumptuous seafood feast, indulging in authentic Thai dishes or savoring a serving of artisanal gelato, the culinary offerings at ORTO West Coast are sure to tantalize taste buds.

Furthermore, ORTO West Coast is home to a host of recreational facilities suitable for gatherings and events. The spacious event rooms provide versatile space for concerts, festivals, and community activities.

Overall, ORTO West Coast is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends recreational activities, dining experiences, and community engagement. With its picturesque location and diverse range of activities, it offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking novelty, relaxation, or simply a fun day out, ORTO West Coast is the perfect place to explore and create lasting memories.